Design Trends for 2022


Ahh yes, we all love some trends, don’t we? And why not end the year with a look at some design trends for 2022 as predicted by the lovely people over at 99designs.

90’s Nostalgia:

Who doesn’t love 90’s aesthetics?! With Gen Z bringing back those 90’s vibes it’d be hard not to be influenced by those nostalgic moments. Bold colours, simple design, and fun shapes.


Expressive and Experimental Lettering

Lettering is its own and very unique art form, and with designers taking it up a notch we’re bound to see more experimental type. Playing with the abstract to make words more interesting and convey messaging through the visual and not just the copy.


Remind anyone of Brutalism? Anti designs challenge the viewers (and designers) with juxtapositions, clashing colours, bold and honest visuals, representing rebellion.  It’s kinda ugly but liberating, not tied down to design ideals you can really push boundaries with what you’re producing.

These are just a few of the trends we spy for next year.  To see what else is in store, check out the more comprehensive list from 99designs over here.

Happy designing!

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