Design Trends for 2023

It’s nearly that time of year again- the end of it! Today we’ll be looking at some tasty design trends for 2023. It’s always interesting to zoom out and take a look forward to the trends that we think will really stand out next. The fine folks over at Vennage have graced us with a handy infographic relating what they think will be the most pertinent trends for 2023. You can see the infographic below and see Vennage’s full report here.

I’ll go over a few of the biggest takeaways from the infographic below:

1. Bright bold colours

2022 was a big year for bright oversaturated colours and this trend shows no signs of abating in 2023. I wouldn’t be surprised to find everything from email headers to infographics to be rendered in bold and bright colours.

2. Animated infographics

Motion graphics in general have really lit up the internet this year, with more and more creative studios’ notes seeming to boil down to “yeah but what if we had it move.” You can see the influence of motion design far and wide, and no way is this more prevalent than in the field of infographics, which can sometimes be seen as dry and boring, but when you pair them with slick motion you can make your stats really jump off the page.

3. Vintage vibes

A throwback aesthetic can be a really strong choice. It takes us out of our slick minimalist digital design and makes us engage with your content in new ways. For 2023, think old paperback covers, film grain and collage and cut-out aesthetics.

If you’d like to get in touch and talk about design trends with the IF team, please don’t hesitate to go over to the contact page and give us a bell!

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