Digital agencies can tap into the conversation

[tag]Digital marketing[/tag] agencies are increasingly looking to tap into the conversation on [tag]social media[/tag]. Those that have expanded beyond the marketing push are reaping the rewards and finding that [tag]buzz [/tag]around online campaigns can dramatically shift perceptions, drive visitors and enhance objectives.

I am on a panel at the next BIMA Dialogue on the 24th May. Matt Morison of RMM chairs the panel discussion called, ‘Igniting buzz with social media relations and online PR’. I shall be sat alongside Mark Rogers at [tag]Market Sentinel[/tag] and Dan Light at Picture Production Company.

They both have some amazing case studies to example. Mark’s are Avis and Intuit and Dan will show he engaged with bloggers for the Warner Bros release, 300. I am intrigued to see how he organised an advance preview screening of the movie for an audience of UK bloggers using PPC’s island on [tag]Second Life[/tag].

Me, well I shall be outlining the success of the [tag]Sony BRAVIA[/tag] ‘Paint’ campaign that we managed last year. Already pretty full, I understand there are a few places left. So feel free to book a place on the BIMA website.

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