Do you like the new LinkedIn design?

LinkedIn have recently rolled out the new layout, and there is a noticeable buzz within the social media world around it! The new design has already seen a couple of phases, and each time it happens, you see people talking about it!

As Em Donnely mentions, the notification toolbar has been simplified to ease the navigation around the site. It seems the team at LinkedIn have identified the most visited parts of the website and grouped them more intuitively. A clearer categorisation of interests is one of the features that stands out the most – putting Company Pages, Interests and Groups on the same level of interests.


To be honest, I do like the new layout much more -it is cleaner, simpler and yet doesn’t lose the richness of opportunities provided by the platform. And yet, the social media sentiment seems split:


— Luke Chadwick (@vertis) June 5, 2013







Have you been getting to grips with the latest LinkedIn update? Share your thoughts with us!

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