There is very little doubt that social media is increasingly becoming more prominent in our lives. Whether it’s following a brand or communicating with friends and family, our lives are progressively being displayed on screen more. However with so much of our personal content being shared on-line it is becoming increasingly apparent there is a need to be watchful about what you post.

In light of the last week a new app called ‘FaceWash’ was launched. The app finds and helps to locate and remove anything profane from your Facebook profile by scanning photos, posts, likes and links posted etc. for offensive content. The app flags a whole host of words but also contains a search bar for specific searches. Thus cleaning up your social media manners and giving your profile a ‘fresh face’.

As this infographic points out, when we post information about ourselves online we need to be considerate as to how people may perceive it.

To Post or Not to Post Infographic

With 70% of job recruiters having rejected a candidate because of something they saw online, it is clear that when it comes to sharing our lives across social media there is a need to be more careful in what we post as it can harm us in the future; and whilst your social life may not resemble a night out with Charlie Sheen, potential employers may be put off by the slightest indication of misbehaviour if displayed online.


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