Don’t be struck down by the #tubestrike!

Social media has been bringing humour into a somewhat dismal situation as commuters take to social media, specifically Twitter, in the wake of the London tube strikes. Surprisingly the sentiment has not been quite as negative as expected.

I’m sure many of you have seen signs of chaos, with endless queues of commuters attempting their daily journey to work, but amongst the frustrations, a hive of humorous Twitter chat turned #tubestrike into a trending topic.

Carnage at Kings Cross:

Will the penny farthing be your new method of transport?

But don’t let the strike stop you in your tracks. Consider alternative routes, such as bus or boat, or how about a penny farthing? Take inspiration from these resourceful commuters who took a more creative approach to avoid the tube strike chaos.

Travelling by boat, compared to tube, is far more fun and some services are free during the strikes! Look at the sights:


It’s not just commuters taking to Twitter during the London tube strikes, brands are also “hopping on board” to ride the #TubeStrike hashtag train (apologies for the corny cliché) taking advantage of real-time events whilst promoting their brand.




Whatever your mode of transport, whether it’s space hopper or hoverboard, good luck and be safe!

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