Don’t let the ads get you down

When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook is always the go-to platform for many marketers – especially when you find out Facebook users sign into the platform an average of 13.8 times a day. And with a platform that hosts multiple tools to help you set up and utilise your campaign, why wouldn’t you!

But it is very easy to fall into the trap of making common mistakes, which bring on consumer ad fatigue and ruin those results your team worked so hard to achieve. To prevent this from happening, you need a well thought out paid media plan.

But, what does that entail?

  • Phasing/Revamping – Ad fatigue can easily on set when consumers see the same ad over and over. And I don’t blame them – would you click on an ad after the fourth time of seeing it!? You need to keep your content fresh to avoid a drop in your results. Whether you do this through phases or swapping out your creatives, it’s important to check on your campaigns daily so you can make the best optimisations possible. Depending on your campaign, phasing is not only a great way of preventing ad fatigue, but it’s a useful way of conducting experiments. Such as; finding out which ad type your audience responds to, the best CTA and varying copy to see which harness the best results.
  • Tools – Ads Manager on Facebook has many different tools to help marketers out. And you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with them! For example, one option Facebook has for marketers is scheduling. This allows you to set a schedule of the times your ad will be shown, reaching your audience at the right times they’ll be online and more likely to make a purchase – overall, improving your final results.
  • Language & links – A simple mistake that many marketers make across the board, is the language they use and linking ads to the wrong landing page. Everything must match. When targeting consumers about making a purchase or using your services, it is important to navigate them through the whole process. If linked to the wrong landing page its likely traffic will drop off after clicking through. Or if the wrong language is used, Facebook’s ad review process may flag the ad as ‘false advertising’, which will also lead to a drop in traffic. So be sure to double-check everything and look at your ads through a consumer lens.

Whether you’re new to Facebook ads or you’ve been advertising for years, be sure to get it right. With the right campaign, you can achieve the best results possible, just keep optimising and check everything! And if you’re ever looking for answers, feel free to get in touch

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