Don’t worry! You’re not the only person to #lovecurling

The Brits are well-known for a lot of things, from drinking tea to inventing the game of cricket. But who would have thought that the sport of CURLING would capture the nation’s heart?

I think it is one of those sports where it takes a little time to get into it. But, trust me, once you’ve figured out the small details, like why team members brush ice with brooms, you’ll be completely engrossed by this fascinating sport and begin to #lovecurling.

Described as “a game of chess on ice”, curling requires expert precision and crafty tactics to be successful. Success has been a keen reason why Brits have jumped on the curling bandwagon. Team GB have only ever won ten gold’s at the Winter Olympics, and with the men’s and women’s teams in the Sochi 2014 curling semi finals the whole nation has got behind the sport! UK newspapers are even publishing reasons why you should love curling and a guide to curling!

We can see its popularity on social too. The volume of Twitter conversations generated from the @BBCSport hashtag #lovecurling is remarkable! 23,284 mentions of the #lovecurling hashtag on Twitter in only 19 days!



What I love about this hashtag is that the British (also notorious for not being overly supportive of their sports teams) have given #teamgb fantastic support throughout the Winter Olympics. We can see examples of this in this selection of keywords surrounding the #lovecurling hashtag.



Even celebrities and brands are jumping on the #lovecurling bandwagon!

Presenter Clare Balding


Olympic Cycling Champion, Philip Hinds

The Telegraph

Paddy Power

Why not get involved?! The #lovecurling trend doesn’t look like it is going to be stopping soon!



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