Employee branding and social media

There’s been a lot of chatter lately around employee branding on social and rightly so! As we moved out of the crazy times caused by the pandemic, companies within the marketing space are booming, looking for new hires, whilst individuals are looking for their new ventures. And where do they look when searching for new companies? Social media. 

Companies love to shout from the rooftops about their successes, the role they play, and the people they employ. But it’s not just the company pages that people will look to, we have the ability to check out the current employees of the business – because who doesn’t look a cheeky stalk on social. 

Of course, anyone can dress up social to be perceived in a way they want to be. But with so much information now available online, it’s important that businesses look to their social channels and start developing content that brings their values and true company culture to life. 

In a recent survey conducted by Capitalize, they looked at the top reasons for employee search and where they research before applying, as well as the red and green flags we should all be looking for.

The key findings show:

  • Salary data (66%), company culture (63%), and overall employee rating (50%) are the top things that employees look for when vetting a company. With 8 in 10 of the respondents admitting to seeking out the current employee’s social media profiles within this search.
  • LinkedIn is the top place for research (60%), followed by Glassdoor (51%), and Facebook (37%). 
  • The top red flags come from lower than average salary (70%) and burnout culture (66%) – we can’t blame them here! 

Like we said, employee branding is a hot topic right now! And it’s actually something that CJ, managing director of immediate future, recently discussed in an article for The HR Director. But if you’re left wanting to know more about how an employee branding campaign can help your business, or any other social venture for that matter, then why not get in touch today!

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