Everywhere you go right now the digital marketing world is talking about ‘moments’… Google have their ‘micro-moments’ story, brands are high-jacking moments everywhere to meet their marketing objectives and reach relevant audiences, heck, Twitter even added a new section to the platform called moments – and let’s face it: if Twitter hadn’t jumped on the bandwagon to try and save their rapidly declining user numbers, then there wouldn’t be a bandwagon at all. So moments are a big deal. Whether you are in b2b, b2c, you’re an smb, a startup or an enterprise business, moments can provide a fantastic vehicle to take your brand message to the masses.

Given how big moments are, it is an apt time to look at Facebook’s official release of ‘hot topics’ for February 2016. In other words, the most talked about subjects on Facebook and Instagram over the month of February. And guess what…moments came out on top.

moments 1

Facebook categorise conversations into brands, entertainment, holidays & events, people and sports, however, when you look at the top topics of conversations for the US in February most of the biggest swells of conversations: Valentine’s Day, Friend’s Day & Superbowl, can be summed up as ‘moments.’

Instagram’s biggest talking points were around Valentine’s Day and the Superbowl as well, however, there was a larger spread of events, entertainment, people and brands.

moments 2

Facebook’s data for the UK covers many of the same moments but also incorporates Mother’s Day and UK-centric moments like the Brit Awards.

moments 3

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