Facebook advertising – how au fait are you really

Having a firm grasp of Facebook advertising mechanics is a must when it comes to social media marketing. Any creative campaign can be turbocharged by way of Facebook ads, assuming they are managed effectively and optimised in real-time.

But Facebook doesn’t always make it easy for marketeers to get started, especially since they regularly make changes and tweaks to their advertising platform. But don’t be afraid – once you’ve got a good grasp of the basic ins and outs of the platform, you’ll be on your way. The tricky part is getting your head around the lingo and core elements involved.

I rather like the below infographic, which is a lovely little glossary of Facebook advertising terms. Remember: Don’t let the lingo put you off, it’s all straightforward really.

If you have any questions about making the most of your Facebook advertising, just tweet us @iftweeter. We can lend a helping hand…

Courtesy of: JonLoomer.com

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