Facebook and the Chronological News Feed


Let’s face it, do ANY of us enjoy the current Facebook feed where we’re shown a glimpse of what our friends post and what Facebook thinks we might be interested in?


Granted, the option to change to chronological order has always been there, however, Facebook has been working on a way to make it easier to access;




The test shows us three variations;

  • Most Relevant, which is what our news feeds are currently set to
  • Most Recent, which allows you to see posts in chronological order
  • Already Seen, which means you’ll be able to go back and view things you have already seen – how many times have you tried to find something that you saw just 5 mins ago only to never see that post again? This feature will definitely be handy!


This is all well and good, however, I’m curious to know if your feed will regularly switch back to “most relevant” as it does on Twitter or if we’re able to keep it at whatever setting we chose.


I, for one, am definitely interested in having a more accessible way to chose a chronological timeline, as I’m sure plenty of other people are.

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