Facebook chat goes interactive with new “chat heads” feature

In its bid to constantly evolve and improve the mobile experience for its billion-strong user base, Facebook has introduced a brand new feature for their Android and iOS users.

Chat Heads have recently debuted on Facebook’s mobile apps, allowing users to keep a list of conversations going on without having to switch apps.

Here is how it works: if you view one of your friend’s profiles a circular “chat head” appears. Tap the Chat Head to reply, drag them around, or flick them down to close.

This is a nice touch that adds a layer of interactivity to Facebook’s mobile offering, particularly a comic element, as you can drag individual Chat Heads onto photos (take a look at some examples from Mashable)!

If you are looking to chat on the move using the Facebook mobile app, then this is a nice touch that allows you to find out what’s happening on the News Feed while chatting, instead of having to use Facebook Chat in a separate window.

What do you think of Facebook’s new chat feature? Let us know your thoughts!

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