Facebook F8 Roundup – Day 2

Yesterday saw day 2 of F8 2019, and as predicted, AI and VR stole the show. The speakers discussed the safety of AI and VR online, the updates to systems and algorithms, and why this is so important for the future of tech.

To get you up to speed, we’ve pulled the best articles and tweets for you below. ⬇️

UploadVR discusses the different VR announcements from day 2; from the safety of online VR to the use of Vive Tackers.

Facebook outlines social safety tools, updates to come at Oculus connect. https://po.st/5pLUXY

Facebook shows off high-quality markerless body tracking from ‘a single sensor’. https://po.st/REb053

C Net reports on the new AI algorithm that Facebook employees have developed to tackle offensive and inappropriate content posted on the platform.

Marijuana or broccoli? Facebook illustrates AI’s challenges with this example. https://po.st/0j038c

ZD Net explores the importance of AI developments.

Facebook steps up work in AI to systematically tackle its problems. https://po.st/5KZOSq

SiliconANGLE discusses Facebook’s AI updates and how they adapt to PyTorch’s developments.

Facebook updates PyTorch AI framework as adoption explodes. https://po.st/6PtJ95

Straight from the attendees’ mouth, Twitter hears developers’ thoughts on F82019:

Facebook for Developers – https://po.st/fCPnxk


Tweeter’s opinions:

Brian Kariuki on his takeaways – https://po.st/iZFzys

Left wanting more? Find out everything that happened on day 2 from yours truly here – https://po.st/amDev1

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