You may have seen the recent news about Facebook testing ‘Offers’ for Ecommerce sites. Brands will be able to push digital offers through the timeline to their communities and these will be redeemable for the first time on the retailer’s website at checkout.

At present this functionality is in test phase with a small number of Facebook’s closely affiliated brands (read brands that spend millions in advertising with them!) but if successful could be extended to encompass the same functionality that Bricks and Mortar offers provided 2 weeks ago. Facebook has a habit of testing functionality way in advance, and in December they were obvioulsy enthused by the results.

Why is this relevant? Well, brands can now monetise their existing Facebook community as long as they have a direct online retail element. It means that we have the opportunity to start pushing online redeemable vouchers to Facebook fans and test how engaged specific communities are and how open they are to sales opportunities. So, what’s the ROI of your Facebook communities? Quite a big deal, I’m sure you’ll agree.


There’s no time table for when Ecommerce Offers could become publicly available. When it does come into force, coupons will be free to run, but brands will pay Facebook to show their Offers to more people (just like FB ads). Do you think this finally offers brands the ability to monetise their Facebook communities?


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