Facebook Gets Eventful


Planning events? Opening a pub? Going for a charity run?  Then Facebook might have made your life easier with its new release: a standalone app for Facebook Events!

And you are not alone. Facebook claims that over 100 million people use Facebook events every day, which is a number that completely justifies the creation of an app. But what’s more important, it also highlights the importance of creating those events on your Facebook page and encouraging your audience to sign up for them.

How will this “little” app work? Facebook Events will have the ability to pull in calendars from your phone s you can see all your plans in one place, nicely organised. Plus, you will also be able to see any new events that your friends want to go to, get regular updates from events you follow and find recent events that got Pages you followed updated or posted.


Creating events is something not so many pages do as they usually rely on external pages or a simple announcement post. This is a missed opportunity on so many levels. Not only you are missing on that potential big audience who loves going to events, but you are also robbing yourself on a lot of engagement (sign ups and conversations) and multiple touch points (once users sign up for an event, they get regular push notifications making sure they don’t forget about you, creating a deeper connection with your brand).

The Facebook Events app has launched on iOS in the U.S., and is coming soon to Android. Facebook will offer Events on the its main app as well so don’t worry about having to switch between apps if you don’t want to. Convenient, eh?

Check out their full launch video below.


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