AR06-Blog-BannerFacebook is an incredible platform for raising awareness of causes and being a means for people to donate to those causes. We often hear heart-warming news about stories spreading across social and raising enough money for life-saving operations, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and reuniting families.

Yesterday was #GivingTuesday and Facebook upped their charitability game by launching their #GivingTuesday campaign.

What did they do?

On the 28th November, any donations given to UK non-profit charities through their platform were matched by Facebook, up to a whopping £200k. There were no fees charged for users who donated using their tools. They matched up to £400 per fundraiser and up to £10k per charity.

They’ve made it so simple to raise money on Facebook, something that just adds to the charitability of the platform. Users can now not only donate, but also collect donations and enable other users to raise money for your charity. They must, however, be approved to make use of these tools. Donate buttons appear on pages, posts and videos to integrate this simple process which is all the more likely to increase donations.

Following #GivingTuesday, charities that have their own fundraiser will have a banner stating how much money they raised and that Facebook has matched. This makes it ever-so-easy for brands to take a more active role in supporting charities. The banner also exhibits the brand’s charitability to users who like their page or are looking at the page.

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