Facebook in testing with ‘Suggested Time’ feature for scheduled posts.

The age-old question… when is the best time to be posting on social media? It’s a tough one to answer. Especially if you don’t have the time to test with scheduling times, or spend time looking into the all-important data. You may have landed with huge engagement figures on Wednesday AM and think you’ve found your sweet spot. Fast forward a week and you’re expecting the same, if not even more spectacular figures, but it flops. Now you’re left shrugging your shoulders and frantically trying to work out why?


Fear not, there are tools out there to help which don’t cost an arm and a leg. Facebook is adding another element to its native posting options. Similar to other major platforms, Facebook has been testing a new ’suggested’ feature within its scheduling option which provides a recommendation of when you should post to maximise engagement, all based upon when your users are most active. Although you can get similar information from other social media management tools, this will be free to use and work off Facebook’s internal data, which could mean it’s more reliable and give you a more accurate indication of when to post.


If you’re struggling for likes and unable to grab onto that all-important data to make an informed decision, this could be a great tool for you! Or, if you can’t wait until this feature is released and you’re wondering how to improve your engagement on social media, get in touch!

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