Facebook keeps telling the same story


Facebook has been testing yet another story feature for its mobile proposition in selected countries, and it is currently opening it up to a few more. This could be an indication that the feature will soon be launched globally, but there hasn’t yet been an announcement of a global launch.

When we heard that Facebook was copying Snapchat’s stories for Instagram a few of us in the industry thought, that’s a bit cheeky. Now it’s getting a bit ridiculous after the same concept has been repackaged and released over nearly all its offerings, Insta, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

So, what’s going to be the difference between Facebook’s “new” story feature and that of its current and Snapchat’s?

Well to put it bluntly not a great deal…

Photos and videos added to Facebook Stories will disappear within 24 hours unless the user adds them to News Feed (*cough* original)


All we know is Facebook Stories is going to be one of three components of the new camera the social network has been testing. It will feature masks, frames and other interactive effects which it pillaged from its acquired company MSQRD (sound familiar???)

You will also have the option to temporarily share content directly with specific friends rather than via users Timelines and News Feed (YAWN). But the privacy part is a key part of this update as this is one of the main appeals of Snapchat, so they had to include it.

Despite this revelation that isn’t a revelation, there is a silver lining to this tedious trend of copycatting. Whenever one social channel copies another it is sometimes actually an opportunity. Brands can now create, repurpose and recycle past content and use it across different channels saving tons of money in creative bills.

So, if you are planning to launch a campaign over any of the stories featured on any of the platforms that currently have them, keep Facebook in mind because let’s face it, it’s still the king of social.


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