Daaaaaamn Facebook! Back at it again with copying Snapchat! That’s right! It had been a good week since someone got all up in Snapchat’s business, so it’s lucky Facebook stepped up with its latest announcement to keep them on their toes. This one may give the ghost a run for its money too.

Introducing AR Studio: A Mac app that lets developers create their own Snapchat-style camera lenses.

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(Images from Facebook’s developer site here)

AR Studio allows people to create their own selfie masks, AR environments, or combination of the two with uploaded 2D and 3D assets. So you know, like Snapchat, but with easier access and by the sound of it, more technical capabilities. The masks can then be tested on a diverse range of actors to make sure they work for everyone.

Not only that, but you can also develop creative effects that engage in real-time with your audience – for example instantly responding to comments and reactions during a live broadcast. Or, that engage with other apps to display unique content – think fitness apps, giving all your smug runner friends another way to show off their mileage. Pretty nifty!

Like all the best Facebook gadgets, this AR studio is still in beta, so it will be a while until it appears in the mainstream – but you can apply to test the beta version here!


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