Facebook launches new foray into the world of location-sharing with new app

With the news last week that Facebook has more mobile users than PC, mobile has been thrust into the forefront of the social giants’ strategy.

That’s why Facebook is developing a new smartphone application that will track the location of users. In a bid to capitalise on their 680 million mobile active users a month, Facebook is set to help users find nearby friends.

Facebook’s new Graph Search feature, which the social network announced last month, is expected to place a lot more emphasis on location and the check-in, by allowing users to discover places to visit based on their friends recommendations. However, this new feature runs even when the app isn’t open meaning your friends can find out where you are, regardless of whether you want them to.

The app isn’t scheduled to be released until next month, but it is bound to reignite the whole privacy debate. Whilst some features of the new location-sharing app sound impressive, such as letting users know when they are close to people with whom they have mutual friends or similar interests, the fact that Facebook is effectively broadcasting your location, regardless of whether you want it to, isn’t going to sit well with some groups.

We will bring you more news of Facebook’s location-sharing app closer to the time, but what do you think of the idea?

Are you in favour of sharing your location with anyone or should Facebook start protecting your privacy?


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