Facebook Messenger 2.1 – What has changed?

Some time ago, I wrote an article about Facebook launching Messenger 2.0 bringing group bots and a lot of cool updates to the platform.

It is now returning with an updated 2.1 version that comes along with some updates that will please brands and marketers!

For this new version, Facebook has mostly focused on improving how its Messenger bots work, with 5 main points of focus. (there are actually 8 – but the other ones will be of more interest to developers. We’re geeky, but not that much…)

Enhanced automated conversations

Facebook has added a built in NLP (Natural language processing) interface to Messenger. It actually means that the bots will now be able to detect specific conversational key traits in a conversation and pass them on to businesses (whether customer, sales, etc., services) It will make customer conversations with bots easier as it should reduce the frustration of having to speak to a bot that just doesn’t get it!

Handover protocol

This will let businesses create different experiences from a single bot. For example, the most common questions will be answered through automation, but customers won’t realise when the platform switches to a more personalised support from a human.

Payments flow

It was once suspected that selling on Messenger was the future of e-commerce. To make sure they reach this goal, Facebook has improved the payment experience thanks to a one-step checkout process through Messenger Webview.


Facebook Page buttons for Messenger

Call-to action in Messenger is evolving as well in this new version. Up until now, there was the lonely Send Now button, but that’s about to change as Shop Now, Get Support, Get Updates, Play Now and Get Started are all piled on.


Enabling Chat Extensions for Global Pages

Don’t misunderstand us, Messenger 2.0 was amazing but still, there were some little kinks to iron out. For example, it introduced businesses to the possibilities of awesome collaborative social experiences, but global pages couldn’t make the most of it if the users in the thread where not located in the same place. Well, Facebook has now rectified this! Users across the globe will be able to build their Spotify collaborative playlist (that’s just an example) no matter where they are. That’s a message worth spreading.

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