Ever since Facebook introduced photo tagging all those years ago, it’s been an integral part of our social media experience.

Whether it’s photos from a night out, a day trip, or posing in front of a mirror, 300 million of them are uploaded to Facebook every day. And now it’s going to be easier than ever before…

Facebook have unveiled Photo Sync, a brand new feature where every new photo you take from your phone is auto-uploaded to a private album from which you can share with your friends.

No more taking five variations of the same photo and picking your favourite. Instead, Facebook will upload all of them for you, before allowing you to choose which to share, and then the photos that made the cut will then appear on your wall.

An estimated 219 billion photos that have been uploaded to the social network since its inception in 2004, and Photo Sync makes it much simpler for the 1 billion plus users that Facebook possesses to share more of their lives with photos.

If Facebook roll out their reported facial recognition feature, where the social network would analyse your photo synced album and automatically tag your friends who have appeared in previous photos, then Photo Sync could prove to be incredibly popular. Although you might want to check the photos on your phone first to avoid any potential embarrassing situations…



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