The all-consuming Leviathan which is Facebook has seen an opportunity for continued growth. You may have already seen the out of home advertising, where Facebook shows its alignment with micro businesses, your local barber, a small florist and the like. Now, to complement that messaging, Facebook has announced that they are expanding the ability to apply to jobs directly on Facebook. This, according to Facebook, is an effort to support the local businesses that strengthen communities, by helping people to find jobs, and for local business to hire the right people.

This has huge potential for Facebook. LinkedIn has solidified its position as the social network for professionals, for those with university degrees who are likely go on to work in an office. Facebook are considering the number of people that doesn’t apply to. It’s already positioned itself as one of the first online properties that an aspiring new business will set up, spending a relatively small amount of money to get some advertising going. Building upon this trend means that Facebook will have even more micro business owners and young entrepreneurs, choosing Facebook to be their online home.

This could have a profound impact on the data Facebook has access to. In the coming months and years, we could see that Facebook is the best platform to reach small business owners by a wide margin. If you want to reach barbers, restaurant owners or even managers of indoor trampoline parks, then it won’t be LinkedIn or any other platform that advertisers will turn to, it will be Facebook, scooping up ad spend that isn’t relevant to those that work in the City.

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