Facebook’s messaging integration and what to do with it.

By if-admin | February 18, 2019


As I’m sure you are aware, Facebook recently announced they are working on combining its messenger with WhatsApp and Instagram. Allowing cross-communication across the platform for its users.

The new messaging system will allow all three platforms to remain separate, however, users will be able to send and reply to messages from either of the apps.

It’s always exciting to hear about new processes being implemented on social, but it’s important to know how it will benefit you and/or your business. Below you can find a few points that we believe everyone should know about the integration and how you can take advantage of the platform when it launches.

  • Convenience – when it comes to communicating, users want simple, fast ways of messaging and Facebook have noticed this. They are utilising each platform to create a pain-free messaging service with an end to end encryption, allowing friends, family and businesses to reach each other without any issues.
  • Business opportunities – businesses are using social media as a form of customer service more and more, and by using an integrated messaging platform, they can reach a wider audience. Reaching different demographics on each platform will no longer be an issue, therefore allowing businesses to spend more time building their consumer relationships.
  • Chatbots – similarly to the above, businesses are currently using chatbots to help with general customer enquiries. By the three platforms integrating, more businesses will develop marketing chatbots, and ultimately, building their consumer relationships.
  • No more email marketing – businesses will have the opportunity to communicate directly with consumers, making messages more personable and therefore, receive higher engagements than email marketing campaigns.
  • Get ahead of the game – for businesses just starting out, or those who are looking for new ways to develop their social strategy, the odds are on your side. By implementing messaging into your processes, you’ll be very prepared when the integration launches and be one step ahead of the competition.


We still have a while until the integration comes into play, it was announced that we will have to wait until the earliest of 2020 to see any changes. And, we’re sure there will be a lot more updates surrounding the topic in the meantime, but until then, we’re excited and you should be too!


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