Fact: social media is influencing consumers

Focussing on the elements that influence and shape user preferences online, The Social Consumer Study explores how connected consumers are in today’s ‘always on’ environment. What is clear is that buyers are far more likely to invest time, money and trust in an emotional brand – something I’ve explored before. But in addition to that, there are a few key takeaways to be aware of.

1. Women are twice as likely to visit social channels when they are considering a purchase (31%) compared to men (15%). What’s more, 25% of women are more likely to make a purchase if an organisation is also actively aware of its impact on the environment. That said, ‘societal good’ overall was poorly rated as an influence on consumer behaviour.

2. Quality goods, great customer service and a reasonable price tag are what it takes to win customer loyalty. Quality and price are the most important factors. But close to half of respondents emphasised positive ratings online too, at 43%. Still, brands should be aware that this does not lend itself so easily to customer advocacy. Sharing a negative experience comes more naturally; 70% of respondents report sharing a negative experience online versus 68% sharing a positive one.

3. Overall, social media dominates the modern buyer’s decision making. Consumers that read online reviews and ask for recommendations are heavily influenced by their social networks (67%). Most respondents (71%) read social media sites as part of their information gathering. And in the absence of personal recommendations, buyers are going online to inform their purchase decisions.

Check out the complete report here

And if you have concerns of how to manage negative sentiment on social, sign up to our upcoming webinar on 14th October at 1pm: https://po.st/SocialCrisis

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