Facebook wants you to never leave the platform, and it’s working really hard towards this goal. From TripAdvisor-style travel recommendations with City Guides to helping with your dating life thanks to Discover People (and I am not even going to mention all the features directly copied from Snapchat), you have fewer reasons to go somewhere else on the web each time the network rolls out a new feature.

As if it wasn’t enough already, the social giant now lets you order food directly from the platform. It means you can now order comfort food while stalking your friends (it’s an illusion, their life is not better than yours). You’ll find the link to the new feature in the ‘Explore’ section if you’re ordering from desktop, or you can look for the hamburger icon in the app menu on your phone.

On desktop:


On mobile:


You’ll be taken to a list of restaurants that support the service in your area. From picking something that will satisfy your cravings to paying for it, it all happens in-app and it is a reportedly smooth UX.

Order Food is the result of a partnership between Facebook with food services Delivery.com and Slice. Right now, only a handful of lucky US residents can order a pizza while scrolling through pictures of their exes. Both services are only operating there, but the feature should come to the rest of us once new partnerships have been negotiated (although there is no timeframe yet as to when that will happen).

This new feature takes Facebook one step closer to replacing every other app on your phone and has its own self-sufficient online ecosystem.


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