Live Brand Social: fill the funnel by planning for it

Although creating a tweet or a Facebook status update is quick and easy, brands need to realise that social can offer a lot more in the long-term. The effort that you put into managing your social presence is meant for a lot more than one sale; you are building an on-going and personal relationship with specific audiences.

We know that consumers will weigh up their options before making a purchase. Our research shows that Live Brand Social can influence purchase consideration. A well-received event can spur participants on to make recommendations; 54% will recommend the brand to a friend and 33% will write a positive review, but there is more to it than that.

Because of Live Brand Social, 54% of respondents will find out more about a product or service online and 46% will visit the brand in-store.

We have already learnt that 53% of consumers will purchase a product as a result of live experiences with social from the first post in this series. But in addition to this, 28% will purchase within a month and 38% expect to become regular customers as a result.

In short, consumer willingness to buy (as shown by purchase consideration) can be a rewarding behaviour for brands to capitalise on online. Together, social and brand experiences can have an influence throughout the purchase path, filling the sales funnel to deliver tangible results for the long-term as well as immediate sales. Smart brands will look again at their experiential marketing to see how and where they can trigger activity in all areas of the funnel driving short term purchases and long term relationships that benefit the brand long after the event marketing has finished.

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