Food for thought!

If you read my last blog post then you would have seen that I came to the conclusion that it is next to impossible to predict the future of social media. This has got me thinking about the aspects of social media that we take for granted, everyday things that people do on social media that previously would have been unheard of.

In the past year innovations like Snapchat, Pinterest and Instagram have changed the face of social media. These platforms/ micro-platforms have given us the freedom to share real-time experiences with friends, family and if we wish complete strangers. Users share all sorts of things with people, from pictures of their wedding, their pets and sometimes their children, to videos of the weird and wonderful! There is one trend that has caught my eye… social foodies.

A couple of years ago, the blogging community was hit by an influx of amateur writers, food photographers and chefs all with one aim: to show the world their food adventures, whether that be a critique of a local restaurant or giving away a family secret recipe. My friends have given it a go (follow Iddy and The Sharing Platter). And now I’ve even had a go…


While my friends and I are simply amateur social foodies, the popularity of this trend has meant that a select few have become professionals. The insta-foodie has taken food photography to mouthwatering levels. So here are my top 5 insta foodies to follow in 2014!


It’s great that people have turned to social media to show their talents and hobbies. But my question to you this week is: What will the next photo trend be? Or have we run out of things to photograph?!

(Photo: @ME! My first foodie photo!)

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