Four ways in which the new Twitter better promotes your brand

Twitter has launched new brand pages with a new look and some useful functionality.

For those companies already on Twitter, this news is worth your attention.  Twitter’s new brand pages will better promote your brand in 4 ways:

  1. A large header image gives greater prominence to your logo and/or tagline.  The Coke brand page is a great example.  Formerly, companies had to put up with an odd design which meant that brand images were concealed as wallpapers, hidden behind the Twitter timeline.  That has changed now.
  2. Brands can highlight their best content.  Above the timeline is now a “promoted tweet”, which shows off a company’s best content.
  3. Photos and video content can be expanded.  An example is Heineken’s promoted tweet, which shows off a photo of its newly-designed bottles.  Alternatively a video advertisement can be embedded there, simply by inserting a link to YouTube.  Disney Pixar makes great use of this and posts a trailer of its latest film there.
  4. Replies and mentions may be separated.  Brands articulated a desire to see replies –i.e. customer interaction – in a separate list to mentions – i.e. tweets that have expressed an opinion on your product.  This will make it easier to do two separate things: engage with your consumers and see what people are saying about your brand.

Twitter liaised with chief marketing officers and found that what companies wanted was brand pages.  So that is what they have given them.  If you are one of the 5% of companies still not on Twitter, now might be a good time to start.

The bad news is that UK brands will have to wait until 2012 before the new pages are available. Something for the New Year then!


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