Get experimenting with Instagram this year




Sometimes all you need is to read a quick blog post to motivate you into making a new decision.Like how you want to experiment on social media platforms such as Instagram, but you might just not have the confidence to. Look… what’s the worst that can happen it’s just social right?

Here are 5 ways to experiment on one of the fastest growing image and video driven platforms.

  • Make your sound visual… What, does that even mean?

Podcasts are highly popular, and your brand might release a podcast that does reasonably well on a separate platform. Bring this podcast visually to life, with Instagram inching slowly towards longer form content to keep users engaged, IGTV may be your calling. Try uploading parts of your podcast here, on your timeline or just film live!

  • Stop Motion

You will have to put time into this as it takes a while to recreate, but the rewards are worth it. As stop motion will have you creating effortless thumb-stopping imagery.

  • Live stream with your influencers

There’s nothing like a bit of influencer fandom hitting your page. Use live stream to interact with your followers. It may sound like a risk to give your influencers free reign on live however, your followers are clued up! They are able to identify genuine organic interactions. With that said, you do want your influencers to remain within your brand guidelines.

  • Name tags

Have fun with these, it’s such an easy way to get people to follow you. Use these especially if you meet face to face usually with the majority of your clients.

  • 5 Repurpose UGC

It cost nothing to ask for permission to repost a cool image that you DIDN’T have to spend resource taking and editing. Utilise this for 2019 and it works as great community management.

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