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Glastonbury is the festival to be at year after year, and its only two days away! Although you may be in the deepest darkest fields of Somerset, don’t forget if you’re lucky you may still be living in the world of 3G. Make sure you know the schedule, remember the lyrics, never lose your friends and manage to take some awesome “insta-worthy” snaps with our top 5 app recommendations below.

Glascovery 108
Glascovery is the app to get know your Glasto artists. Not only updating you on their stage timings, but also creating a catalogue of their top tracks to listen to before and after.

Price: Free


Glastonbury Festival 2014

Officlal 108

Developed in partnership with EE this is the official festival app providing the most up to date schedule information and live streaming of all acts throughout the festival, it’s like being at two stages at once.

Price: Free




GroupMe 108

A great tool for when you inevitably get lost amongst the crowds. Create group chats with your mates (that also work across generic SMS) and call for help or even share your location, beats having to bunk in a stranger’s tent for the night.

Price: Free



Groopic 108

Nothing’s worse than having to retake 5 versions of a photo to make sure the photographer isn’t left out. Groopic allows a whole group to take a picture without missing out the photographer by overlaying two photos with/out the photographer, now no one needs to be the designated camera holder.

Price: Free



SoundHound 108

Hear a song in the background and not sure what it is, use SoundHound to identify the track and artist and recommend download links. With the release of their new LiveLyrics® function it also picks up the track and displays the lyrics on your phone screen to ensure you can sing along word for word.

Price: Free


So now you’re fully souped up for Wednesday, what are you waiting for? Get downloading, get packing and cross your fingers you won’t need to pull out the god forsaken wellies this year!

Images credits: Apple Itunes, Glastonbury Festivals and BBC Radio 6

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