Live brand social: get on the right wavelength

By if-admin | May 13, 2013

Did you skim stones at the beach when you were younger? It’s a favourite summer pastime for plenty of kids but it isn’t so far from the marketing mix that many adults find themselves swimming through these days. How so?

Skimming stones has a short lifespan when it comes to entertainment value. The same can apply to different marketing activities. Brands must make sure that the way they choose to engage with consumers is targeting the right audience, driving sales and creating conversations amongst their customers.

Live brand social experiences can do all of these things. We conducted a UK-wide survey with brand experience agency Electrify to find out whether live brand experiences and social media can work together to deliver better value to brands. And, yes, they can. By developing live events that combine seamlessly with social media efforts, brands can extend reach, trigger sharing and ultimately increase purchase. As well as that they can develop the brand relationship and improve customer loyalty through one-on-one interaction and prolonged engagement on social channels.

Check back tomorrow and you will be able to download the full report. It will provide a much more in-depth exploration of live brand social events, as well as details on how best to plan your live events and how to manage them on social media before, during and after.

By using this research you can tailor your marketing strategy to your brand goals and the needs of your key demographic. After all, one carefully planned drop in the ocean can create many more and longer lasting ripples, widening opportunities of engagement and conversations, than skimming stones in a straight line.


Image courtesy of Foter

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