G+ yesterday launched another new platform development allowing organisations and employees to create private communities. This is a very ‘social business’ move, with G+ following in the footsteps of LinkedIn’s open and closed groups. The hope is that organisations and its employees flock to the platform to connect through discussion threads familiar to those using internal social networks such as Yammer.

Restricted Communities 2 - Ink-42

 This latest development is likely to appeal to those already bought into Google Apps for business, with slick integration with Google Drive allowing users to easily share documents, as well as photos, videos and events.

restricted communities

This handy table from the Google+ support website breaks down the new privacy settings for communities:

G+ Table

*Restricted communities might not yet be searchable in your domain.

**The name and photo of a “private in your domain” community that’s hidden from search will still be visible to people in your organization who type in or follow a link to the community’s web address. The name and photo will not be visible outside your organization.

You can learn more through Google’s Support or leave a comment. Happy sharing!


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