Google, Yahoo!, Apple and Microsoft are the most talked about brands online

Our latest research looking at brand conversation in social media shows that techie companies, [tag]Google[/tag], [tag]Apple[/tag], [tag]Yahoo! [/tag]and [tag]Microsoft[/tag], take the lead in terms of brand mentions in blogs, social networks and photo and video sharing sites.The study, launched at the Online Marketing Show examines the [tag]Interbrand Top 100 global brands [/tag]and their voice in [tag]social media[/tag].

Here are the results for the top 25 most discussed brands.

Brand share of voice in social media

 Technology leads the way, with [tag]Disney[/tag] and [tag]Ford[/tag] just squeezing in  the top 10. But split across the top 100 reveals that the industry sectors are quite evenly spread, with all of Intebrand’s top 100 brands getting a mention in social media.

Brand industry sectors in social media 

Of course, this is just a snapshot and, before my friends at [tag]Onalytica[/tag] and [tag]Market Sentinel [/tag]rightly jump in, this research doesn’t take into account influence. Which we agree is essential. But the study does show that brands are being talked about and that is what we set out to confirm.

The full study will be available on the immediate future website on tomorrow or you can pop along to the OMS show at the Business Design Centre in London to get a free copy.

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