Graphic Design Trends for 2020


Companies have been making use of eye-catching visuals for a while now, more so within the past year.  All you need to do is take a look at the Apple App Store and see the gorgeous illustration for their stories, and with the end of the year fast approaching, we can’t help but notice new design trends.


Muted colour palettes


Taking a step back from the bold and vibrant, muted colours seem to be making their way to the forefront, giving design a clean and elegant look.




Simplified Illustrations


Though simplified, these illustrations are hard work and when done well, convey exactly what you need them to by using the right colours and textures.




Branded Animations


Companies are starting to take notice of creating unique branded animations, rather than using reaction gifs we’ve seen a million times before and can be tailored completely to that brand.



Line Art


Going along with the simplified illustrations, this takes it to the next level by creating beautifully crafted line art animation that looks clean and sophisticated.




Masked Images and Text


Whilst not a new trend, it is evolving to look more sleek and coupled with parallax animation this creates a visually stunning look and feel to websites in particular.



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