The Guardian Home pageEngaging online really does mean you need a thick skin. Well the Guardian does at the moment, since it launched its new look website last week. This article from the Guardian reveals that no matter the consultation with the online community, there are still detractors. Some felt their views didn’t count others that they had been ambushed by the redesign.

Siobhain Butterworth gives a balanced view of the comments – with not too much rebuttal (although you get the feeling she would like to). I guess the lesson here is that you can please all of the people all of the time!

And on a personal note, I didn’t like the redesign either (too many pics), but then I don’t care. I find what I want through the search box and newsletter links so never notice the home page. The [tag]content[/tag] is what counts for me: and that’s what I come to the Guardian to read.

© Siobhain Butterworth, “Open door”, Article.

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