Halloween Trends to Boost your Marketing Campaigns

The popularity of Halloween continues to grow, making it a holiday with huge revenue potential. In the UK alone, it’s predicted that around £687 million will be spent on Halloween products this year.As a result, more and more companies use this as an opportunity to boost their marketing campaigns and engage with customers in their promotions. In today’s blog, we discuss the most recent Halloween trends that can fuel your Marketing Campaign.

Social is a key source of Inspiration

According to Statista, Facebook is the top social media platform consumers are using for inspiration, with 20% of those surveyed saying they used Facebook to get inspired. 

Social Media Platforms that Consumers use for ideas and shopping

* 20% turn to Facebook

* 19% use YouTube

* 18% turn to Pinterest

* 16% turn to Instagram

Preparations start early

According to Pinterest, the interest in Halloween-related content starts to grow in June. Despite that the planning happens early, the spending is done much later in the season.  Remember that the right timing for your campaign is as important as engaging content.

According to the US National Retail Federation:

* 10% shop before September

* 35% of spending happens in September

* 40% of celebrants shop in the first two weeks of October

* 15% shop during the last two weeks of October

Partying is what celebrators want most

This year, more people are interested in attending a Halloween party than going trick or treating – 25% compared to 24%. It is a great opportunity for brands to improve visibility by getting involved in festivities and hosting Halloween events. Fashion shows and parties make for more engaging social media posts and can also work as part of an event-based influencer marketing strategy.

Sweets and Halloween Decorations are the main attributes of the celebration

* 96% of Halloween celebrants will buy sweets to celebrate,

* 75% per cent plan to spend money on decorations

* 69% plan to buy costumes

* 39% plan to buy Halloween cards

Large Outdoor Decorations are trending this year

Spending on outdoor decorations is increasing, so for companies that sell home goods, crafts, used items, furniture, or interior design services the goal should be generating and sharing ideas that include their products.

Costumes: Convenience over Creativity

Most of the celebrators do not want to put too much effort when it comes to costumes and will choose those that can be easily bought online. According to the Social Listening tool Brandwatch, online mentions of Halloween DIY Costumes and decorations -10% down, when compared to 2021. Costumes for Couples +238% up YoY and Group Costumes +610% up YoY.

  • 38.7% of Halloween celebrants will select their costumes based on what’s easiest to get.
  • 20.8% will go with one of the classic costumes – superheroes, zombies and witches 
  • 13.5% of shoppers will get their costume inspiration from recent TV shows or movie releases
  • 12% will reach back and get inspo from TV shows or films,
  • 11.49% will choose costumes inspired by social memes and trends.

Top 10 Trending Costume Ideas on Pinterest.

  • “Stranger Things costume ideas” increased by 22X
  • “Elvis and Priscilla costume” increased by 19X
  • “Patrick Bateman costume” increased by 18X
  • “Top Gun costume” increased by 6X
  • “Anna Delvey costume” increased by 5X2
  • “Harley Quinn Halloween costume” increased by 4X
  • “Avril Lavigne Halloween costume” increased by 3X
  • “Dani Hocus Pocus costume” increased by 3X
  • “Maddie and Cassie Euphoria costume” increased by 3X
  • “Lord of the Rings Halloween costumes” increased by 2X

Social can be exceptionally effective in using trends for building your brand visibility and improving consideration. Contact Immediate Future today if you want to boost your social marketing strategy and always stay ahead of trends.

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