Has the new web based analytics tool made Pinterest more useful to businesses?

There have been many questions raised as to the benefits of using Pinterest for business. The visual content hub is increasingly being used as a way of linking back to other, often text based content. Brands can post images on Pinterest to lead users to content on other platforms, such as their website.

Take Topman as an example, Topman uses Pinterest as a vehicle for promotion, pinning images of its products to urge consumers to visit their official site and make purchases:


Opinions on the use of Pinterest for business may soon change, with Pinterest having announced the roll out of a web based analytics tool, which will allow companies to track their Pinterest traffic. This feature will include data such as how many people have pinned from a site, the number of views each pin has, and how many users have visited a site from Pinterest. This brilliant tool is now available free for companies with a verified website. It’s an ideal way for businesses to discover what content is working for them and what they can improve on. Will the launch of this new analytic platform see a host of new businesses jumping aboard the Pinterest train?

Pinterest is focusing on building foundations to monetise this year. It is said that the web analytics tool is the first of many updates which they are aiming to reveal this year. Other updates include ‘suggestions’ for users based on what they have already added to their boards and a plan to launch international pages later this year.

We wait with interest to see what Pinterest will reveal in months to come…

Picture Courtesy of Pinterest, Red Pinterest Logo, under a creative Commons attribution – sharealike 2.0 Generic License


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