Hashtag it!

Hashtags are not magic, however, combined with a good content strategy focused on your audience, they give you the possibility of reaching more people interested in your content.

In this blog, you will learn how to create the best hashtag strategy for your Instagram account.

So, what are hashtags? Hashtags are keywords that help you get discovered by users on social media. These are tags that identify the content you are sharing and the purpose of your brand. Having in place a good hashtag strategy is important as they help you reach people who don’t know your brand. The Instagram search engine has a special section for hashtags that users can visit when they have a particular interest. Every time you share a post, Instagram shows it to a portion of your followers. If the interaction and engagement is good, the post is shown to the rest of your followers. The more interaction your post receives, the more chances it has to appear in the explore section and, of course, in the featured part of the hashtags.

The content you are posting is also important: if your content is not relevant to your community, your hashtags will not work… even if you have the best strategy.

You can use different types of hashtags:

❓Description functionality: They describe what you do. For example, for food brands, it can be #recipe or #cooking or #foodinspo.

✅Results: Hashtags can talk about the benefits you offer . Example: #motivate, #sell

🎨Content: They describe what you are showing punctually in the publication. Example: #accessories, #textileproducts, #onlinecourses, #gateaways 

👩‍👩‍👦‍👦Audience: They respond to whom you direct the publication. It depends 100% on the target audience/client. Example: #mamaentrepreneur, #traveladdict, #yogagirl

📍Location: They point to the geographical location in which you market what you offer. Example: #uktravel, #londonnails

✨Brand: These are your own hashtags that you create for your brand so that your community knows that, if they look for them, they will find your posts. Our examples: #serioussocial #Ifiversary

The ideal is to combine hashtags specifically related to the publication, with those that refer to your audience + your brand and location hashtags.

But, how many hashtags should you use? Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags in feed posts. We recommend you use the amount you think it would work for your brand. As always, test and test again. There is a myth that Instagram can penalize you for using all 30, or for repeating the use of the same hashtags. Not true! What we do not recommend is constantly repeating the same group of hashtags so as not to fall into the same audience. Variation is key . The ideal is to put together 3 or 4 packs of hashtags. They could be 10 variable hashtags (which accurately describe each publication) and 20 fixed hashtags, which can be those of location, audience, content and results.

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