Have you pitched your Social Personality well? It may be the first stage to your new role

Being head hunted by a leading social media agency is a massive compliment and also quite daunting. When it comes via social media, then you know you have pitched your professional personality well, that someone sees you as a potential employee!

When I was originally contacted by Indiana at immediate future, the role turned out not to be exactly right for my experience and my aspirations moving forward. But, Indiana, the internal recruiter kept me close by for future roles. This was due to my unique background in community management and my [ahem] awesome personality.

Reassuring to know I have a clear and careful candidate profile requirement for their recruitment. However, more than this, I identified strongly with the team character and the personality balance of the agency. So we easily maintained a healthy rapport via email, phone and LinkedIn.

A short time after our first contact, I was called back for a brand new role which suited my skillset perfectly and having already met with Indiana, I was able to be fast tracked to a meet with Senior team members, which I was comfortable to do after already being in the office and getting a feel for the agency culture.

I felt enlightened to go through such a painless but careful screening process and the final test, a task to develop a TOV guideline and month-long content plan, was delivered comfortably within the week.

Before I knew it, I had been welcomed into the immediate future team with open arms and I had won the Christmas Sweater Competition!


If you’re considering a comfortable move to a well honed and experienced social media agency (who is not only at the forefront of innovation in social media, but also a leader in their recruitment practice, ensuring the best team) take a look at our current opportunities, https://bit.ly/hiringgreattalent And if you are unsure about your social media profile, check out this helpful infographic below. Damn, we love infographics!

Image Credit to The Role Of Social Media In Pre-Employment Candidate Screening [INFOGRAPHIC] By Shea Bennett https://bit.ly/1fYc4qk
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