Highlights from the Technology CMO Outlook Report

Last year we saw the launch of our Technology CMO Outlook Report and it’s time to revisit how tech CMOs from prominent brands like Adobe, Worldpay, Siemens, and SAP shape the future of marketing. We joined forces with Copy House to put the flesh on the bones of the normal benchmark reports and brought to you in-depth interviews from the CMOs of some of the biggest tech brands. Watch this episode of Serious Social with Katy Howell and Kathryn Strachan and discover how these organisations navigated 2020, its challenges and how marketing has shifted as a result. Here are some of the highlights:

2020 = shifting behaviours

2020 was a year for adaptation and it definitely shifted the way we interact with businesses. “One of the big things that we’ve definitely seen is changed customer reactions and interactions and how people engage with online content is totally different than it was a year ago”. Because of this shift in behaviour, many brands had to move everything online. This resulted in a massive amount of content coming out, making it much harder for brands to cut through the social noise and build relationships with their customers. Marketers now need to pay attention and understand the content and pain points that will resonate with their audience in order to build a relationship.

The new focus on hyper-personalisation

“We’re all humans even when we’re at work, there’s no divide anymore between home and personal, personal and work. You can’t just leave your personal life at the door and neither can your audience, so it’s really important that when you’re creating content, it’s created from an empathetic view”. Data now fits across the process to define the customer intent, not just the demographics of the personas but actually looking at behaviours and psychographics, attitudes and values. During the pandemic, marketers have had to shift tactics to build brand loyalty online. How? Well… using data and one-to-one conversations to humanise brands and create resonating content.

Selling on social is hard

That’s right. Especially if businesses don’t shift mentalities and nurture customers along the funnel. But! 2020 saw a shift in this behaviour. Bev Burgess from the ITSMA found “Businesses had to quickly shift to a serve, not sell mentality, as a lot of things they had intended to market suddenly weren’t relevant.” will this approach stay? If you are selling on social, you must build connections and start conversations in order to receive highly qualified leads. “If you went on a first date and you ask somebody to marry you, they’re probably going to say no. But if you take them on several dates and provide a really nice time by the good experience, they get to know you, you get to know them and then you ask them to marry you, it’s much higher that they’ll say yes.”

Watched the Serious Social episode but are still eager to know more? Get your hands on the Technology CMO Outlook Report here.

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