Holiday marketing campaigns done right

By Katy Howell | November 30, 2021

With only one day left in November, the countdown is officially on until the holiday season. For some, it’s a time to wind down activities and lean into celebrations, but for others (I’m looking at you, marketers ), it’s a time to get our creative hats on and roll up our sleeves to deliver a thumb-stopping holiday campaign.

Here are some of our favourite holiday campaigns to draw inspiration from:

#FollowTheFairies by Marks and Spencer Group

The Marks and Spencer Group are notorious for hitting it out of the park with their annual holiday campaign. 2014 was a notable year with their #FollowTheFairies campaign, based on a fairytale theme in which two fairies gave unexpected acts of kindness to people through social media using the #FollowTheFairies hashtag. Then, the brand picked a few well-deserving followers and filled their wishes.


#SantaTracker by Google

This isn’t a new campaign, as Google’s Santa Tracker has been around for years. But it’s a great example of a staple campaign, that has audiences coming back year on year. The campaign does what its name says: tracking Santa’s movements each December.

Google takes it further each year by adding new activations that encourage the use of its services. For example, Google introduced a B2B element by sharing code with developers as a way to inspire and excite that audience.

#ACGiftofHome by AirCanada

On their 75th anniversary, AirCanada celebrated with their #ACGiftOfHome campaign, where they gifted plane tickets to Canadians living in the UK who couldn’t go home.

This brand reputation campaign was successful in generating positive audience sentiment, while also generating worldwide recognition.

If you need help strategising your holiday campaign, drop us a note here.

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