Hopefully not too late to the party…

Last week we informed you that Facebook was looking to cash in on creating a rival product to the widely popular Clubhouse. While this is true, it seems that Instagram is still trying to catch up with other social networks and enable users to have more than two participants on a live, increasing this to Four.


‘Wait, couldn’t you do that anyway’ I hear you asking. Apparently not… Instagram had begun testing this in India in December of last year, where it saw a massive viewer growth of 60%. It seems as though this feature was a success, and we will soon see it available for a wider release.


Though not strictly audio-based like Cubhouse, this may be a step taken by Facebook to try and capture their user’s attention and make them see that they can achieve similar effects seen on Clubhouse to their already obtained followers.


I can personally see this working out well for Instagram, as many artists and digital creators can stage ‘webinars’ or ‘talks’ to their follow base without having to use a different platform. Opening up the ability to truly collaborate with other users and have meaningful conversations that would not have been able to happen otherwise. This new feature may not be as interactive for watchers as Clubhouse, but it’s a step in the right direction while we wait for whatever Facebook is planning.


Just a few months late…

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