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Drake is one of the most famous rappers in the world right now, and is currently sitting at the top end of most music charts. You are probably thinking, “What does Drake have to do with social media?” and why are you writing a blog about him. Well the answer is simple Drake’s dance moves in his “Hotline Bling” video have created a social media buzz, but be it all for the wrong reasons.

Some of you may like the dance moves in the video, but an online community on Vine and YouTube have created some truly innovative content mocking them.This online community has taken the time to generate content above and beyond what most marketers could expect to receive in response to a User Generated Content marketing campaign. The good thing is that this proves there is a large community that have the time to create their own content, and that they are willing to share via social media.

So should Drake be worried about all the negative content that is being circulated on social?

Of course not, and in reference to an old PR cliché “any publicity is good publicity whether it is positive or negative”. Drake’s YouTube video has racked up a whopping 38,000,000+ views since its release. However, if you combine the total views of his YouTube video and the total of views the UGC on Vine, Facebook, Twitter and blogs, you are probably looking at nearly doubling that number.

Not all User Generated Content is necessarily wanted, so how do you control the situation?

Embrace the social moment; flip it on its head and use as much of the content as you can on your own social channels and show that you are not bothered as a brand. Make sure to monitor the conversation and look out for the any hashtags, that you could use yourself to engage your audience.

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