How many of your Twitter followers are on Facebook and Google +?

Ever wondered how many of your brand’s Google+ circles are repinning away on Pinterest?  Or how many of your LinkedIn connections also use Twitter?  And just how many global users does Facebook have this week?

Wonder no more! Global Web Index has shed some light on engagement patterns across social media platforms. 400 million Facebook users will have posted a ‘status’ update within the past month which is approximately 35% of the 1.14 billion registered users, confirming Facebook’s status as the most actively used global platform. Twitter sits comfortably in second with 517 million followers, 24% of whom took the time to tweet in the same period. In stark contrast, only 11% of Google’s 672 million registered users updated their circles at least once in the past month.

The cross-platform engagement statistics are what make for the most interesting reading. Only 11.4% of Facebook’s users are registered on LinkedIn; however three times as many use Twitter. Interestingly, 49.8% of LinkedIn users are active users of Twitter, although it remains to be seen how this figure will be affected by Twitter’s recent T&C changes. Twitter had until now provided a convenient status update for both platforms. It seems users of Linkedin are at the very top end when it comes to being active across all their social profiles. Perhaps suggesting marketers need to extend the net beyond Linkedin to truly capture their audiences’ full attention and built lasting relationships. Something of a wakeup call in particular to the B2B marketers amongst you.

You can take a look at a sample of the report:  Why not let us know your experiences of cross-channel engagement by tweeting us on @IFtweeter now?

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