How social media can drive brand loyalty


Ever heard the saying that quality is better than quantity? It hits the nail on the head when it comes to your social media community. There’s currently over 1 billion monthly active Facebook users ready to engage, endorse and buy your product.

Leveraging the social media market is no longer an option, it’s a requirement! Here’s a few ways you can cultivate brand loyalty with your social media followers:

Focus on quality

Wondering why your content isn’t resonating with your community? Put the customer’s needs first and become the brand with the plan of action. Keep your social posts punchy and straight to the point with a clear Call to Action. Step away from self-promotion, and share valuable insights, conversation starters and open questions. Be human and responsive! Your audience will thank you for it.

Frequency is key

Once you’ve shared the first thought provoking post, keep your audience wanting more with regular updates. Make sure your brand shares regular thought leadership content and conversations. If you’re only posting once a month, there’s no point posting at all.

Be social!

Go the extra mile and be sociable! Find your social media voice or niche, and ensure it chimes well with your other brand messages and marketing outputs. Don’t ignore your followers; be responsive, ask questions, compliment and become part of your growing community. Hosting Twitter chats, Facebook Lives and Q&A’s is a great way to build engagement and show your audience what you’re really made of!

Most importantly, don’t forget to reward your most loyal followers with offers, discounts and exclusive deals. Take advantage of the vast amount of social media channels by cross-promoting and sharing offers specific to your audience.

You’re the brand with the answers

Don’t become a faceless online brand. Help customers connect the dots in their journey by providing the solutions to their problems with proof that it works. Highlight their challenges, and show how they can benefit from building a relationship with your brand. Show value with free tips, content, and bags of personality.

Brand loyalty is very important and social media is vital to its success. Stay engaged, share content consistently and provide the answers your customers are looking for. Your brand will soon become the first point of call within the industry.

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