How social media is changing the Christmas wish list

Online shopping is making present buying a breeze for those of us that don’t want to brave the busy shops this Christmas.

But is social media changing the way we buy? Are we becoming more and more influenced by our peers on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter?

More and more retailers have recognised that social networks can help with communicating a brand to a larger audience. We now see Twitter and Facebook icons appearing on big retailer sites such as Marks & Spencer, Littlewoods and TOPSHOP. All are offering links to join their social media platforms.

Littlewoods however, is a brand ahead of the game (and no, not because Colleen Rooney has shifted the brand’s slightly granny reputation). When browsing products online shoppers are presented with icons to tweet or send Facebook messages about what they think of products, sharing this information with their nearest and dearest – and giving Little Woods a little hat trip.

If retailers start to copy this tactic, it won’t be long before we just look at a friend of family member’s online activity before deciding what to get them! And the days of unwanted presents may soon be a thing of the past….


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