How social media marketers can protect their mental health

Working in social media is… amazing! Well, I’m a little biased 🙃 but it’s true! It’s the perfect job to channel your creativity, create great content, connect with different communities, and understand and engage with your customers. It’s never (and I mean, never) boring, and it’s probably one of the few jobs where you don’t even look at the clock wanting the day to be over. At least in my case. HOWEVER…

Managing multiple social media accounts and the responsibilities that come with it can truly impact your mental health. Not only that! The forever-changing algorithms and the speed at which things shift in social media doesn’t make things any easier. This job requires you to be constantly “on” – the sky-high screen times staring for hours at a report, analysing results, writing copy, dealing with negative comments, briefing creatives, etc. Phew!
This can be exhausting and sometimes very difficult to switch off, and with the lead-up to Christmas… Oh boy. If you are a marketer, we feel you! You could be on a one-way ticket to burnout city.

So, in today’s blog, we’re sharing with you our best tips for protecting your mental health when you work on digital marketing:

☝️First and most important… Monitor your screen time
Did you know that 59% of the world’s population uses social media and the average daily usage is 2 hours and 29 minutes? That’s A LOT. But we know that if you’re a social media manager or creator, that number is likely higher, and we know we have all fallen down the rabbit hole of TikTok, spending hours and hours scrolling… right? Well… there are some things you can do to reduce your screen time. You can track and monitor the time you spend on social platforms on your phones. Also, you can set time limits within the app itself like Instagram or Facebook. If that doesn’t work, you can set up reminders for breaks, like an alarm. A timer can give you a nudge to step away from your computer or your phone. Use this time to get some tea, stretch, go for a walk or whatever works for you.

2️⃣Take breaks!

Easier said than done right? But you need breaks. Breaks from your screen. Breaks from thinking creatively. Breaks from reporting. Breaks. Don’t believe us? Check this out 👇

So, here are some tips from our amazing Associate Director Belle Lawrance:

  • Set up meetings for 45 or 50 minutes, not 1 hour, to allow a little breathing space. Start at 10:05 and finish at 10:55, for example.
  • Run a timer on the screen so you can see when the halfway mark is approaching, and with 10 minutes to go, review your meeting aims and agenda to finish on time
  • Need more time? Agree to revisit at a time to suit all attendees

*Cheff Kiss*

3️⃣Set work-life boundaries

We know it can be difficult to say “no”, but one of the most effective ways to manage your mental health when it comes to digital marketing is to set boundaries.

4️⃣Ask for help!

If you feel overwhelmed, talk to your team. It’s important that people are aware that you are feeling burnout. Fortunately, working in social media normally implies working with a team, and with any luck, a collaborative team like we have at immediate future. Your team might be able to help you if your to-do list is looking crazy. Ask for help and give your mental health priority!

Remember to take care of yourself!

If you are a marketer and you’d like to know more social media tips , contact us!

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