How To Leverage Doomscrolling

Doomscrolling is the obsessive urge to scroll through negative news.

Let’s be honest, the past couple of years have been miserable for the vast majority. However, the world now seems to be climbing out of a pandemic mire. So why is doomscrolling still relevant from a marketing perspective?

People are spending more time on social media than ever before, and the timing has never been more perfect to raise brand awareness with an affirmative attitude. The first step is to be the bearer of good news and offer relationship involvement, not just conversational engagement. To get noticed, you must provide a storytelling experience. Let’s take a closer look at how this can be achieved effectively.

Humanise your brand and focus on pivotal moments

People like to learn new things and want to feel connected but can sense inauthenticity in a heartbeat. Make sure that your message is not only transparent but also intellectually stimulating and emotionally valuable. Because the human brain is hardwired to detect change, content that teases a looming transformation sparks an immediate attention response that encourages the desire to know more.

Understand your audience and the psychology of sharing

To hit the mark, you must write for your audience — not just for search engine optimisation. Keep in mind that sharable content is meant to inform, amuse, and help the people we care about the most. What we share defines us, and 68% of people say they share on social media to communicate who they are and what they care about.

Use a variety of creative formats on multiple platforms

Every platform lends itself to a specific type of storytelling. Visuals will be more successful on some while longer copy-heavy posts will perform better on others. On average, video content is shared 1,200% more than text and image posts combined.

Social media storytelling is essential as not every person will click a link, but they will react to a post that resonates with them. Doomscrolling can cause increased anxiety but providing a safe space where customers feel accepted and included will ultimately translate into trust. Don’t be afraid to use humour with hashtags, memes, and puns. You might just make someone’s day and establish lifelong brand loyalty.

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